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Staff Blog 001: Matting


What are they?

Fur matting is caused by dense tangles in fur and tight knots that can cut off circulation and also traps moisture. It can be very uncomfortable and painful for your dog If not addressed by a grooming professional.

Daily brushing through the fur, to the skin, with a slicker brush and a metal comb will keep mats away.

Causes of Mating:

  • Bating your pet, without prior brushing and combing.

  • Allergies and infestation, causing constant scratching of coat can cause mating.

For some hair types, a constant wet coat can be and owner nightmare. The water will spread that mat like a web against the skin, without even knowing it. From long ears falling into water bowls, to your pup jumping into large bodies of water. The matting will begin. Constant at home bathing without applying the steps mentioned above will also cause matting.

A groomers moment of embarrassment:

I’ve been grooming for twenty years and I definitely know better. I went out of town once for a continued education conference and allowed a friend to dog sit.

They bathed him many times and without doing the prep work of brushing and combing the dog. They also looked on google to search “natural coat fresheners”, products made with coconut oil, baking soda and essential oils. When I picked him up, I was livid. The top layer of his hair felt okay however he had already began to develop mats pretty close to his skin. I had to shave his coat because you must go underneath the mats for them to be removed. Imagine a dog going from having long flowy hair to being shaved short like a Jack Russel, it had to be done.

As experienced dog grooming professionals, we strive for the grooming experience to be a fun and stress free experience for all fur babies. Sometimes your desired style isn't possible to safely do with the condition of the dogs coat, however, you should never feel like a “bad pet parent” if your dog requires a short cut.

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